GPY&R Named Number 4 Agency in Australia by Campaign Brief The Work

This article first appeared in Campaign Brief

GPY&R has been ranked number 4 agency in Australia by Campaign Brief while Y&R NZ ranked Number 1 in New Zealand. 

Now in its 13th year, The Work features the very best advertising of the year from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Published by Campaign Brief, The Work is recognised as a true record of the best advertising creativity for the entire Asia Pacific region.

Women in Ladvertising: Female Creatives Who Challenge Australia’s ‘Boys’ Club’ Label

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This article first appeared in LBB Online

When it comes to writing about creative talent in Australia, the topic comes with an intrinsic elephant in the room. ‘Where are all the women?’

With recent industry events causing huge stirs in the conversations surrounding gender diversity, there’s a spotlight on the Australian market. The ratio of senior female creatives to male creatives continues to be the most gender-imbalanced in Australian creative agencies.

The term ‘boys’ club’ tends to get thrown around when it comes to Australia, but as much as it’s a catchy descriptive that industry journalists can use to draw attention to inequalities, I feel in the same instance it also detracts from the amazing creative work that comes out of Australia by women.

There are some hugely talented creatives paving the way in Australia’s agencies and their work speaks for itself, regardless of gender.  I caught up with Ellen Fromm, Copywriter from GPY&R Melbourne, on her best work, how she’d like to describe the industry they work in and where she’d like to see it go.

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Labels perpetuate issues. Continuously calling Australian agencies a ‘boys club’ will only make people believe that’s what it is.

I never want to be in the situation where I feel like I’ve been hired because I’m a woman. Screw quotas, I only want to be hired for my folio!

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GPY&R Melbourne lures strategy leader from London

Senior strategist Christine O’Keefe has joined GPY&R Melbourne from one the world’s most respected agencies, CHI & Partners, London.

O’Keefe has 15 years’ experience building brands across multiple sectors and two continents, having recently returned from eight years working in London.

Most recently at CHI & Partners, O’Keefe played a pivotal role in driving brand reappraisal for market leading energy company British Gas through their #noplacelikehome campaign, along with helping build brand relevance for Burger King and Travelodge in changing markets.

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San Churro and GPY&R warm up Pokemon Go players

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This article first appeared in B&T

San Churro and GPY&R Melbourne have capitalised on the success of latest mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokémon Go, to drive foot traffic to selected San Churro chocolaterias around the country.  With Pokemon Go surpassing twitter in daily active users, this is a huge opportunity for retail brands. Read more

Y&R Group most awarded network in ANZ at Cannes Lions; Y&R New Zealand most awarded agency + ‘McWhopper’ most awarded campaign

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Y&R Group was the most awarded network in Australia and New Zealand at Cannes this year, taking home a record breaking 27 lions. Second was BBDO with 25 lions and third was DDB with 22 lions.

Y&R Group offices from Auckland, Melbourne, Wellington and Brisbane all contributed to the haul, which included 2 Grand Prix awards, 1 Titanium, 8 Gold, 8 Sliver and 8 Bronze lions.

‘McWhopper’ for Burger King was the most awarded campaign in the region, with a total of 17 lions. Y&R Auckland also added gold lions for Jaguar ‘Actual Reality’ and GPY&R Brisbane won gold for Brisbane City Council’s ‘Life saving stickers’.

Y&R Group won for seven clients across nine juries, including integrated, titanium, direct, radio, cyber, promo, PR, health and entertainment.
Says Ben Coulson, Y&R regional CCO “Considering that a finalist at Cannes puts your work in the top 5% of work in the world. This week’s performance by our agencies is very special. I’m proud to be part of a group of people who love making top shelf work.”

In 2nd place BBDO scored one Grand Prix, one titanium and 9 gold lions, DB Export’s ‘Brewtroleum’ winning the major awards.

An unprecedented double win for Y&R Group ANZ at the Andy Awards in NYC

This article first appeared in Campaign Brief

Y&R Group ANZ have become the first agency to scoop the two highest awards at the 52nd International ANDY Awards held in New York.

In an unprecedented double win, Y&R New Zealand has won Best in Show, affectionately known as the ‘GRANDY’, for Burger King’s ‘McWhopper‘, in the Corporate Responsibility category and GPY&R Australia has won the distinguished Richard T. O’Reilly Award for Outstanding Public Service, known as the ‘GRANDY FOR GOOD’ for Melanoma Patients Australia’s ‘Melanoma Likes Me‘ campaign which includes a $10,000 cash which will be given to the Melanoma Patients Australia charity.

It is the first time Y&R Group ANZ have won Best in Show at the ANDY Awards and the first time an ANZ-based group, or any network, has won both major prizes.

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SXSW Interactive: Autonomous Vehicles Driving a Better Society?

Julian Bell, Managing Partner – GPY&R Melbourne

Consider the fact that 90% of the 38,000 deaths on U.S. roads each year are caused by human error, and you quickly understand SXSW’s fascination with autonomous vehicles. I attended an expert panel discussion on the wide-ranging impacts of these vehicles: incredibly exciting for consumers, but highly concerning for peripheral industries.

So if we set aside a huge reduction in road trauma and its associated costs, what else should we expect?

Well, start by considering what consumers might do with $200 billion currently spent on automotive insurance… Volvo has recently committed to accept liability for any accidents in their autonomous vehicles, so confident are they in their product (quickly matched by most other major brands). What does this mean for the insurance category? Adapt quickly perhaps.

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Former Edge MD Jonny Clow joins GPY&R Melbourne

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With over 18 years of experience in integrated marketing and advertising across the globe from London, Chicago to Melbourne, Jonny has worked on major brand and retail strategies for the likes of eBay, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Heinz, Schweppes, Whiskas, Nike, Cadbury and Nintendo.

GPY&R managing partner Matt Farrugia said, “We are truly excited with someone of Jonny’s calibre to be joining our team.

“He has a reputation as being not only creatively driven but also commercially minded, and together with a deep understanding and passion for storytelling, digital and e-commerce, we believe Jonny will add great value to the priorities and needs of our clients businesses.” Read more

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