Women in Ladvertising: Female Creatives Who Challenge Australia’s ‘Boys’ Club’ Label

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This article first appeared in LBB Online

When it comes to writing about creative talent in Australia, the topic comes with an intrinsic elephant in the room. ‘Where are all the women?’

With recent industry events causing huge stirs in the conversations surrounding gender diversity, there’s a spotlight on the Australian market. The ratio of senior female creatives to male creatives continues to be the most gender-imbalanced in Australian creative agencies.

The term ‘boys’ club’ tends to get thrown around when it comes to Australia, but as much as it’s a catchy descriptive that industry journalists can use to draw attention to inequalities, I feel in the same instance it also detracts from the amazing creative work that comes out of Australia by women.

There are some hugely talented creatives paving the way in Australia’s agencies and their work speaks for itself, regardless of gender.  I caught up with Ellen Fromm, Copywriter from GPY&R Melbourne, on her best work, how she’d like to describe the industry they work in and where she’d like to see it go.

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Labels perpetuate issues. Continuously calling Australian agencies a ‘boys club’ will only make people believe that’s what it is.

I never want to be in the situation where I feel like I’ve been hired because I’m a woman. Screw quotas, I only want to be hired for my folio!

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Y&R Group elevates Phil McDonald to CEO

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Y&R Group Australia and New Zealand has promoted Brisbane group managing director Phil McDonald to the role of group CEO for the entire region.

Y&R global CEO David Sable says: “Since Phil joined us nearly 10 years ago he’s been instrumental in leading and influencing many of our key new business and creative successes in the region

“I have great confidence in Phil, with his extensive knowledge of our business and our people, to lead Y&R Group’s management team across the ANZ region. He’ll continue to be an important strategic partner for many of our major long-standing clients.”

McDonald adds: “I look forward to working with all the leaders of Y&R, GPY&R, VML, IdeaWorks and Blaze in the ANZ region. I am especially looking forward to my partnership with our regional CCO Ben Coulson, who has been the heart and soul of our creative renaissance.”

New Work: GPY&R Opens Up Your Night with PTV

Public Transport Victoria now delivers all-night public transport on weekends in Melbourne. That news could have been turned into a very dull announcement ad. But while it was developing its campaign to launch the Night Network, GPY&R Melbourne made two decisions.

  1. The agency focused on what people can do now that they can travel through Melbourne at night cheaply and easily.
  2. It came up with an interesting device – opening doors – that function both as a mnemonic and to evoke excitement.

The campaign, Open Up Your Night, helps to position Melbourne as the late-night capital of Australia.

Source: The Stable

TV is dead. Long live TV

Craig McLeod, Planner, GPY&R Melbourne

Last Friday morning a group of GPY&R staff and clients visited the inside of a TV studio. From a group of 20, only one of us had been inside a TV studio before. But why? Why bother visiting the studio at all? Isn’t TV supposed to be dead?

As Channel 10’s Executive General Manager Russel Howcroft explained, the rumors of TV’s demise have been exaggerated. TV isn’t dead, but it has significantly evolved.

Consider this: In 2003 Australian Idol attracted 1.69 million viewers, making it the biggest TV event that year. In 2015, Master Chef attracted 1.18 million viewers. A big drop. Although TV continues to deliver colossal reach and frequency numbers, no one, (not even Russel) is denying those numbers have suffered.
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Loyalty and monogamy are not one and the same thing.

Alex Horner,  Senior Strategist – GPY&R Melbourne for Marketing Magazine, September Edition.

The death of loyalty schemes. A topic wheeled out every few years, typically at trade shows by those in the direct marketing industry itself in an attempt to coerce an audience into attendance with the promise of controversy.

Of late though, talk of a lack of true customer loyalty has reached near deafening levels. An oft-cited example of this downward spiral is the supposed irony in the fact that many of us are members of so called loyalty schemes from various competing brands. “Where’s the loyalty in that?” they decry. But they’re missing the point. In all but the most extreme cases, loyalty and monogamy are not one and the same thing.

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GPY&R Melbourne wins 4 Effies at The Australian Effie Awards

Last night’s Effie awards in Sydney wrapped up with another successful year for GPY&R Melbourne, taking home 4 awards for advertising effectiveness from a total pool of only 32 gongs.

A big congratulations to both our Public Transport Victoria and Lost Dogs Home clientele, who split the honours with 2 wins each.

These awards are welcome recognition of all our collective strategic, creative and production effort involved in bringing some great ideas to life.

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GPY&R Melbourne was Australia’s most awarded agency at this year’s Cannes

Now that the dust has well and truly settled on this year’s Cannes, we’re proud to announce that GPY&R Melbourne won more awards than any other Australian agency. With a total of 12 Lions across a variety of categories, it truly was a bumper year. 

Huge congratulations go out to everyone involved in the winning campaigns and ideas – suffice to say that Lions don’t come easy. In fact, competition this year was stiffer than ever before so it’s truly testament to the hard work and focused mindset of everyone involved that we were able to  do as well as we did.

Here’s a rundown of all the winners:

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