Lunch & Learn at GPY&R Melbourne on Pokemon Go

This week GPY&R’s own Daniel Liberale held a Lunch & Learn in our Melbourne office, on the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, and how brands can tailor their marketing around the game.

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San Churro and GPY&R warm up Pokemon Go players

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This article first appeared in B&T

San Churro and GPY&R Melbourne have capitalised on the success of latest mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokémon Go, to drive foot traffic to selected San Churro chocolaterias around the country.  With Pokemon Go surpassing twitter in daily active users, this is a huge opportunity for retail brands. Read more


This interview first appeared in The Stable

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Y&R Group ANZ chief creative officer, Ben Coulson, has 27 reasons to feel that this Cannes was particularly good. In fact, he has 28.

Those 27 Lions won by Y&R Group ANZ, including two Grands Prix and a Titanium lion from Y&R Auckland, made Y&R Cannes Lions most awarded network in ANZ.

But when I asked him what it felt like to be at Cannes, he said, “There was a really good vibe. Everyone was having a win. There were happy conversations all round.”

Australia did well, but it did so in the most understated way possible. Apart from Lions Health, where Grey Melbourne made sure everyone knew its name, it seemed as though every time Australia got a chance to stand on the stage at Cannes, New Zealand took the microphone.

“It might look like that because there were no Australian blockbusters this year. And New Zealand had a standout year, with Colenso and Y&R on fire. But more Australian agencies won Gold than ever before. Across all agencies we had a great year. There was even spread of solid wins.”

And Coulson was able to name – and applaud – all of them.

But I wanted to know what Y&R ANZ’s award success meant to its four agencies, and more importantly, how did Y&R do it? So I asked.

The Stable: What does it mean to Y&R to do so well at D&AD, NYF and now also Cannes this year?

Ben Coulson: Confidence. Confidence in ourselves. It’s reward for a four year commitment for me, since I became chief creative officer. But it also tells all our people in all of our offices we can get great work out there, that we’re all strong. There’s great momentum now in all our agencies.

TS: How did you do it?

BC: Quietly. With no fanfare, no flashy hires and no PR-grabbing shout-outs.

It was about our being willing to say we’re not yet doing our best work and reaching that little bit further – so, quietly and carefully…and perhaps most importantly, proactively. When I did a bit of an audit of all of our winning work this year, I

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Y&R Group most awarded network in ANZ at Cannes Lions; Y&R New Zealand most awarded agency + ‘McWhopper’ most awarded campaign

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Y&R Group was the most awarded network in Australia and New Zealand at Cannes this year, taking home a record breaking 27 lions. Second was BBDO with 25 lions and third was DDB with 22 lions.

Y&R Group offices from Auckland, Melbourne, Wellington and Brisbane all contributed to the haul, which included 2 Grand Prix awards, 1 Titanium, 8 Gold, 8 Sliver and 8 Bronze lions.

‘McWhopper’ for Burger King was the most awarded campaign in the region, with a total of 17 lions. Y&R Auckland also added gold lions for Jaguar ‘Actual Reality’ and GPY&R Brisbane won gold for Brisbane City Council’s ‘Life saving stickers’.

Y&R Group won for seven clients across nine juries, including integrated, titanium, direct, radio, cyber, promo, PR, health and entertainment.
Says Ben Coulson, Y&R regional CCO “Considering that a finalist at Cannes puts your work in the top 5% of work in the world. This week’s performance by our agencies is very special. I’m proud to be part of a group of people who love making top shelf work.”

In 2nd place BBDO scored one Grand Prix, one titanium and 9 gold lions, DB Export’s ‘Brewtroleum’ winning the major awards.

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