Y&R Australia & New Zealand have won 16 Pencils at D&AD, which puts the agency at the top of the list of Pencil winners for ANZ.

Y&R NZ is the most awarded agency in New Zealand with 10. It is also equal 6th in the world rankings by Pencils

GPY&R has the most pencils in Australia with 6. It is also the 10th in the world rankings by Pencils.

Y&R’s haul is the largest of any agency in the ANZ region, ever.

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It’s Easier To Treat ANZAC Day With Respect Without A Brand: GPY&R

This article first appeared in B&T


When there’s no commercial brand trying to hike onto a poignant moment such as ANZAC Day, it’s a chance for the creative to really shine through. At least, that’s what Jonny Clow has found.

The group account director at creative agency GPY&R was part of the team that launched an ANZAC Day campaign for charity group Legacy called Letters of Gallipoli.

Clow agreed brands dabbling in ANZAC Day campaigns were treading a fine line, “especially with the controversy that happened last year with Woolworths”.

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Aussie actors lend their voice to Legacy’s ‘Letters of Gallipoli’ web series

To commemorate ANZAC Day, Legacy and GPY&R Melbourne and Finch have created ‘Letters of Gallipoli’, a seven-part webisode series.

Working with the Australian War Memorial, GPY&R researched the letters and diary entries written by Australians while they were aboard ships, fighting in the trenches and wounded in hospital beds.

The project uniquely documents the events as they happened over a century ago, through the very personal accounts of soldiers and nurses writing to their loved ones.

The letters are read by prominent Australian actors and personalities, including Vince Colosimo, Damon Herriman, Diana Glenn, John Howard, Gyton Grantley, Ita Buttrose and Josh Lawson.

One hundred years after they were written, the films will be released each day at lettersofgallipoli.com, in the lead up to Anzac Day.

Says James Wills, copywriter at GPY&R: “What’s wonderful is that some of Australia’s best talent and production crew have donated their time to help create this unique series for a great cause. What you see on film are actors reading these amazing letters for the first time. Included in the series is a diary entry from my own great-grandfather, so it’s a project I’m proud to have been part of.”

Time donated by cast and crew.

How to make a McWhopper and put your competition on notice.

This article first appeared in Mumbrella

At the recent CommsCon conference Josh Moore and Jono Key from Y&R New Zealand presented on the acclaimed McWhopper campaign for Burger King. This week the unlikely recipe was hailed at The Andys in New York, named Best in Show – a first for New Zealand.

What is a McWhopper – half McDonald’s Big Mac and half Burger King’s Whopper – actually worth?

About $182m in earned media and 8.9 billion media impressions, apparently.

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Y&R Staff across the globe build McWhoppers in a congratulatory nod to Y&R NZ

This article first appeared in Adweek

Y&R New Zealand’s celebrated McWhopper campaign took home the highest honor, the Grandy, at the 52nd annual International Andy Awards on Tuesday night. And Y&R staffers from around the globe celebrated in a fun (if not very healthy) way—by making their own handmade McWhoppers, as seen in the cute video below.

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An unprecedented double win for Y&R Group ANZ at the Andy Awards in NYC

This article first appeared in Campaign Brief

Y&R Group ANZ have become the first agency to scoop the two highest awards at the 52nd International ANDY Awards held in New York.

In an unprecedented double win, Y&R New Zealand has won Best in Show, affectionately known as the ‘GRANDY’, for Burger King’s ‘McWhopper‘, in the Corporate Responsibility category and GPY&R Australia has won the distinguished Richard T. O’Reilly Award for Outstanding Public Service, known as the ‘GRANDY FOR GOOD’ for Melanoma Patients Australia’s ‘Melanoma Likes Me‘ campaign which includes a $10,000 cash which will be given to the Melanoma Patients Australia charity.

It is the first time Y&R Group ANZ have won Best in Show at the ANDY Awards and the first time an ANZ-based group, or any network, has won both major prizes.

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What the Tesla Model 3 announcement teaches us about the importance of purpose and consistency, by GPY&R Senior Planner Alex Horner

This article first appeared in Marketing Mag

Alex Horner writes that Tesla’s launch of an affordable model electric car this week is the result of a decade of relentless pursuit of an unwavering brand purpose.

Almost a decade ago, Tesla’s enigmatic CEO, Elon Musk, wrote a blog post and published it on the Tesla website. Titled ‘The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan’, it outlined a highly ambitious purpose for the then fledgling company:

“The overarching purpose of Tesla Motors is to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy.”

As far as purposes go, Tesla’s was a great one: succinct, progressive and aspirational. There was no waffle. No superlatives. No use of the dreaded word ‘innovative’.

The post then takes things a step further with Musk offering a fairly detailed plan that outlines how he hopes to achieve his vision. Here’s the summary of that plan that he closes his post with:

  • “Build sports car,
  • use that money to build an affordable car,
  • use that money to build an even more affordable car, and
  • while doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options.”

With the launch of the $35,000 USD Model 3 this week, Musk can put a tick against each step of his plan. The original Roadster was the sports car. The Model S was the more affordable car. The Model 3 is the even more affordable car. And SolarCity (another Musk company) represents his strides towards zero-emission electric power generation options.

Think about that for a second. Consider just how much effort, focus and self-belief it takes to achieve an extraordinarily ambitious vision of this type. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that many modern brands will have had ten separate purposes and plans within that time period, thanks to ten annual planning sessions in the past decade.

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