Y&R Group elevates Phil McDonald to CEO

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Y&R Group Australia and New Zealand has promoted Brisbane group managing director Phil McDonald to the role of group CEO for the entire region.

Y&R global CEO David Sable says: “Since Phil joined us nearly 10 years ago he’s been instrumental in leading and influencing many of our key new business and creative successes in the region

“I have great confidence in Phil, with his extensive knowledge of our business and our people, to lead Y&R Group’s management team across the ANZ region. He’ll continue to be an important strategic partner for many of our major long-standing clients.”

McDonald adds: “I look forward to working with all the leaders of Y&R, GPY&R, VML, IdeaWorks and Blaze in the ANZ region. I am especially looking forward to my partnership with our regional CCO Ben Coulson, who has been the heart and soul of our creative renaissance.”

New Work: GPY&R Opens Up Your Night with PTV

Public Transport Victoria now delivers all-night public transport on weekends in Melbourne. That news could have been turned into a very dull announcement ad. But while it was developing its campaign to launch the Night Network, GPY&R Melbourne made two decisions.

  1. The agency focused on what people can do now that they can travel through Melbourne at night cheaply and easily.
  2. It came up with an interesting device – opening doors – that function both as a mnemonic and to evoke excitement.

The campaign, Open Up Your Night, helps to position Melbourne as the late-night capital of Australia.

Source: The Stable

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