TV is dead. Long live TV

Craig McLeod, Planner, GPY&R Melbourne

Last Friday morning a group of GPY&R staff and clients visited the inside of a TV studio. From a group of 20, only one of us had been inside a TV studio before. But why? Why bother visiting the studio at all? Isn’t TV supposed to be dead?

As Channel 10’s Executive General Manager Russel Howcroft explained, the rumors of TV’s demise have been exaggerated. TV isn’t dead, but it has significantly evolved.

Consider this: In 2003 Australian Idol attracted 1.69 million viewers, making it the biggest TV event that year. In 2015, Master Chef attracted 1.18 million viewers. A big drop. Although TV continues to deliver colossal reach and frequency numbers, no one, (not even Russel) is denying those numbers have suffered.
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