GPY&R Melbourne host News Corp for an exclusive 2015 Cannes Lions presentation

On the back of our most successful year at Cannes, GPY&R Melbourne today hosted News Corp, the official Australian representatives at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, for a presentation of highlights, speaker insights and key marketing trends learnt throughout this years’ festival.

The showcase provided GPY&R talent, along with 60 of our top clients an exclusive insight about world class creativity drawing upon popular culture, powerful data, and brands’ promise and purpose.

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Loyalty and monogamy are not one and the same thing.

Alex Horner,  Senior Strategist – GPY&R Melbourne for Marketing Magazine, September Edition.

The death of loyalty schemes. A topic wheeled out every few years, typically at trade shows by those in the direct marketing industry itself in an attempt to coerce an audience into attendance with the promise of controversy.

Of late though, talk of a lack of true customer loyalty has reached near deafening levels. An oft-cited example of this downward spiral is the supposed irony in the fact that many of us are members of so called loyalty schemes from various competing brands. “Where’s the loyalty in that?” they decry. But they’re missing the point. In all but the most extreme cases, loyalty and monogamy are not one and the same thing.

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GPY&R Melbourne wins 4 Effies at The Australian Effie Awards

Last night’s Effie awards in Sydney wrapped up with another successful year for GPY&R Melbourne, taking home 4 awards for advertising effectiveness from a total pool of only 32 gongs.

A big congratulations to both our Public Transport Victoria and Lost Dogs Home clientele, who split the honours with 2 wins each.

These awards are welcome recognition of all our collective strategic, creative and production effort involved in bringing some great ideas to life.

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