With Businesses for Messenger, is Facebook finally starting to get social CRM & social commerce right?

Alex Horner, Senior Strategy Planner, GPY&R Melbourne

Let’s start by covering off what it is. Businesses for Messenger allows companies to use Facebook’s existing Messenger platform (the one you use instead of text messages or email to keep up to date with your buddies) to send things like purchase confirmations, postage tracking updates and stock notifications to consumers. Customers opt-in by ticking a box on their purchase confirmation screen where they’re told to ‘Look for your order details in Messenger’. It also allows customers to chat to businesses in real time using Messenger just as they would with a friend. Facebook’s example of this involves someone ordering a sweatshirt and liking it so much they want it in a different colour. To order it all they need to do is ask ‘Can I also buy this in black?’ via Messenger. Clever, seemingly simple stuff and not a million miles away from what Asian messaging platforms such as Line have been experimenting with for a couple of years.

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