Rude awakening. GPY&R Brisbane puts Queensland’s extra hour to good use

About 2 million Queenslanders were accidentally woken up an hour early yesterday when Optus mistakenly switched all phones on their network to daylight savings time. GPY&R Brisbane seized the opportunity to create a suite of topical messages for our clients, all created, sold and run on one day. BCF suggested their customers knock off an hour early to go fishing, Coffee Club offered city customers an extra shot to get them through the extra hour while Suncorp Bank used the opportunity to remind customers that their 24 hour call centre staff were up early too. All in all, not a bad way to use the extra hour we were at work yesterday.

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School of Thought International

The School of Thought International is a registered charity based in Brisbane Australia.

Our Melbourne based Senior designer and Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne collaborated with founder Jesse Richardson on creating the Identity and 3D Visuals. Our Brisbane team helped with the launch site design. 

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