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GPY&R Brisbane picks up a Silver Lion for Mozzie Box

We’re stoked with GPY&R Brisbane’s Silver Lion win under Promo & Activation at Cannes 2014!

The activation, for SP Lager in Papua New Guinea, worked to solve the local beer drinker’s problem – an abundance of large, malaria-carrying mosquitos who are unwanted visitors.

GPY&R Brisbane came up with the SP Lager Mozzie Box: They turned the SP Lager carton into an insect repellant by having the cartons printed with a eucalyptus coating. Eucalyptus is an natural insect repellant – especially when it burns – so the blokes could enjoy a few beers around their fires while tearing pieces off the carton and making a eucalyptus-infused smoke.

When asked how the idea came about, Creative Director, Brendan Greaney said, “When you visit Port Moresby, you quickly notice that blokes up there love cracking open a few SP Lagers and sitting around fires. There’s also a huge malaria problem. Mozzie Box was just one of those brilliantly simple ideas that solved two problems at once.”

Brendan added, “Huge thanks to our client for getting behind the idea. It’s nice to see a regional brewery from PNG mixing it with some of the biggest beer brands in the world.”

Well done to all involved!


Chief Creative Officer:  Ben Coulson
Creative Director:  Brendan Greaney
Creative Group Head:  James McKeown
Senior Art Director:  Josh Bartlett
Managing Director:  Phil McDonald
Account Director:  Sarah Grantley
Production Manager:  Michelle Short
Marketing Manager:  Roger Harwood

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